Saving paper or fixing employees?

We have just got the long awaited  big multi function printer in our organisation, ulala! setting it up is fun!, what with all the user configurations like setting up user accounts, setting up the email account for the printer so that one can email directly to themselves a copy of their scanned! One of the other cool features was setting up  what the user can’t and cannot do, for example limiting the amount of printing each user does. Wow the finance guys must be smiling now, finally they get to save paper, sorry I mean money, but wait! how are our users going to take this? will it not look like someone up there  in the hierarchy wants to fix them? well because all they print is work stuff right?

I think this will go a long way in saving the company maybe just a few dollars on bond paper and toner purchases and will feed in the cycle of saving our environment as well. I also think, a culture change is also needed more than anything because if bosses ask to see their documents on paper all the time then you leave the employee with no choice but to print. so it is really a management issue to have that paperless office after all. train people, give them alternatives for example adopt document management systems which will handle everything from creation to signing.


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