Mind the Gap

Well for me in IT would be something like seeing those Cisco tidied up network cabinets on their website and be like oh I can do that only to realise that the actual physical work of getting that done is not as easy as it looks, but because appearance is everything, even for network cables …yes..so one’s gotta try . eventually you get it, with much sweating because  screwing in and positioning patch and brush panels is hard work ! So is making sure nothing is dangling haphazardly in the cabinet.. It is always feels great to walk away from my pc for  a moment to work with our Network administrator getting my hands dirty and seeing how its done in a live environment.  I like the push though it gives me something to aim for, if I don’t get it today, tomorrow I will try again till I get it.

Then there are those movies or in recent times series (e.g. Chuck) where you see the IT guy doing his magic with the command line, shutting down remote servers or gaining control of remote servers, say bringing a system  up just by a few commands as he becomes an instant hero, The gap: in real life you have to troubleshoot first, hit a brick wall maybe a few times, while calming the affected users under the pressure of ‘what time do you think will be done’ questions being fired at you, well thank God for the Helpdesk person (if you have one in your organization) who will field all those calls for you while you do the work in the background. Some problems like , ‘my outlook is offline’ and you connect to the user’s pc and set it back online will make you an instant hero but a sudden ‘communication with backend error’ with its ambiguity will get you grey hairs quickly as there may be a dozen reasons behind, and it being a month end will not get you brownie points either…



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