Anyone seen Techie Santa?


Dear tech savvy Santa, this Christmas holiday include the following in your Santa pack:

I need, detachable Inspector gadget hands… (saw them on tv yeah),  so that I can work on my laptop at the same time as I am feeding my baby and help the five year old  do her colouring  as well as my 9 year old with his homework, I need those that extend well so that I can stop my baby from picking dirt outside whilst I remain in the house folding the laundry, wait… or maybe a master remote control that controls the tvs and the phones, doors and  everything in the house.

Sigh…seeing that there is no such thing as Santa what can  a mummy got do ? perhaps write a piece of code that automatically bathes the baby when she plays in the puddle of mud outside ? if clothes if mud, tub(baby)…that could worklol.

I believe you can only try your best and trust God to help you and to make things beautiful around you, to see the beauty in the mess(literally)….#diariesof atechmummy #thinkingintermsoftechnology

happy holidays everyone!



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