Flee or fly

via Discover Challenge: Flee


Palms sweating, heart pounding, I clutch the form as I approach my boss’ office for that dreaded year-end thing  which they call ‘Performance review’ or appraisal, yes appraisal sounds better. I am contemplating whether to knock or not but I don’t seem to have a choice, I’m here now, might as well do it, get it over and done with or I could  flee  now and come back next week when the appraisals are over..eish…there is no escape, the boss has seen me through the glass panel already!

So I have built a dozen lines of defence and I am hoping I can win my boss over. I believe my work  this year was exceptional,(I say so) submitted all my month end reports on time – check, attended to assigned jobs timeously – check (well except for a few which were ambiguous), Worked well with everyone in the team from the Systems administrator, Systems analyst to the Network administrator. This year has been eventful. We are usually a team of 5 but due to harsh economic conditions we had to work as teams of 2 at most as we worked shorter months and rotated shifts. That meant being all-rounders for all of us in the department, having to know a little bit of everything to keep the work going. This has been a big advantage to me as I learnt a lot while fitting into my colleague’s shoes when they were away.

I enjoyed shadowing the Systems analyst and I know the year ahead is full of exciting things. There is so much to learn within the ERP system but for now I glee at the thought that I can run most reports from the system using SQL as I now know most of the tables used regularly. I also had the privilege to autonomously do the month end procedures and making sure that a smooth transition into the new system was possible.

Working with the network administrator was the most challenging but with its benefits. We tidied up the network cabinet on the ground floor, neatened the cables and all, I must say I was proud of our work as it was almost ‘Cisco’ perfect. Hard work I must say -Oh I almost forgot, we were having challenges with the Wi-Fi access points we were using so we bought a few Ubiquiti Unifi access points to assess. Setting them up was easy, so 1 point to them already for that, another point for coverage, (as soon as I drop off the taxi, metres away from the main gate, my messages start ching-chiing on my phone wow!), seems like we are going to replace all of those dull access points. Lets see how this goes.

This was the year of that big printer as well hey, we had a few run-ins with our users though…who wants their life complicated further by passwords on the copier and the printer when it’s hard enough to remember log on passwords on their pcs- I don’t, but controls have to be set whether it makes you the bad guy or not, ask our systems administrator, he’s the most famous in our department…lol

Back to my appraisal, I’m jolted back to reality as my boss complains about one or two issues, well he is right about some of them, as a I look back I realise there were situations I could have done better, communicated better and certainly shown some initiative. For example, the Helpdesk system, surely I could try Zendesk? Or any other that proves better? We’ll see. As the New Year rolls in, I look forward to getting as much experience as I can overall but with a bias towards systems design. I intend to get my hands dirty as far as databases are concerned.

I think you know what happened in the appraisal, I survived! I’m here writing about it aint I?(lol) And I’m hoping with this appraisal I have put myself in better light and that it has helped  prove I am a valuable contributor to this great team.

Techmum signing out!


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