Another day in IT

Paul walks into IT with that desperate look on his face while holding his laptop as if his life depends on it. “Noleen, I need to submit this dissertation as soon as possible but I don’t know how to do the auto table of contents. I have kind of figured how to insert it but I can’t get it to update automatically as I add more pages… help please…!” It’s as if he expects me to work some magic… Well some magic we worked on the document. I checked his document and realised that he had not standardised on his headings, they were using different header styles, sometimes none so the auto table of contents had no reference as to which is which. Some paragraphs were appearing in the table of contents as headings what a mess!
So first thing I did was to customize the 2 header styles I was going to use to suit the font type and size he wanted and then used those as standard headers appropriately for different headings. I then made sure that no paragraph was using a header style as that would be interpreted as a heading in the table of contents.
After that was out of my way, I customised the paragraph spaces and made sure the whole document was using uniform spacing. And voila! The table was now updating automatically.
After having worked tirelessly through my lunch hour editing that long document, I had really hoped for a quieter afternoon but alas …another document came in, this time a Microsoft word report which needed some tweaking as well. In this case there were disjointed tables in the document which caused some unused space to appear haphazardly on the document. Thank Microsoft for that little cross item that shows you where a table starts. Phew! So the user could now explain the unsightly space between the pages as the table could not automatically merge.  He then copied the data into one clean table which could be adjusted to appear correctly on the page
As the feeling of accomplishment was settling in me as I  finished working with this guy the phone rang someone at the end of line had a very important email message stuck in their outbox. Their email was fine in the morning but now..what? I asked him to tell me the status of their Outlook, whether  it was connected or not, after a few minutes of fumbling he said his Outlook was offline and user was already agitated at the other end of the line as to why the network could go offline at a time like this. So I told the user that they had set their outlook to work offline probably by mistake…wait what ? how? Yes sir on your outlook screen, navigate to the Send/receive tab on your menu ribbon..ribbon? yes that menu bar Sir(as it used to be ) there at the far right there is work offline , if you click there now you are setting it back to work online… oohh just that ..yes sir you see the network is fine (trying to defend our network  lol) that was easy 🙂

with that I had earned my keep for the day!



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