Putting that phone down or disconnecting that remote session with a user knowing I have saved someone’s day by fixing their computer issue…that crucial email has now been sent, that presentation has been tweaked, that hard drive has been repaired and those important documents have been recovered… gives me a sense of accomplishment. In my indirect way I know I feed into the business chain helping the business move forward.

I am a wife, mum, enthusiastic and hands-on IT professional with several years of experience in IT support who enjoys dealing with people as part of my daily work. I thrive on providing a good service through my work and support.

My background and experience in IT comes through support roles and I enjoy this aspect of IT as I get the chance to learn a lot of new IT skills along the way. I have had the opportunity to shadow the Systems analysis role among other roles in the IT department. I am a self-motivated person who works well within a team and as well as on my own initiative.

I am not content just knowing how to use software and technology, I want to know what drives it, what happens behind the scenes, even make my own!