“Oh you’re in IT?, is it good for you as woman, my husband is in IT and they work odd hours, surely thats not good for married lady.?”

“Oh you are travelling, what about your kids, who takes care of them when you are not there?”

“why did you choose IT? Isn’t that for men? ”

Sound very ancient hey, but i encounter all of the above statements very often in my day to day interactions with other ladies, be it at church, or the hairdresser’s etc. My reaction to all these is mixed. Sometimes it gets me excited that Im doing something unique and challenging. Take this for example, i have been working with a software consulting firm and have had the priviledge of meeting with some of their clients, the entire entourage will comprise of men, except me of course, the first thing any lady ever says when introduced to me as being part of the consultants is , oh you have women in your team now? are you married?…..sigh … sometimes i want to scream at them and say, whats so different, air hostesses are always on the plane , they have kids – or do they kkk im just kidding.

The techie in me doesnt see the bounderies, i just see it as work, just like any other work any lady could do. As exciting as being a makeup artist! I have observed the passion, the finess that is applied when mixing the shades of foundation, mascara, and concelers. I could go on, but thats exactly how i get lost tracing those system errors and the unexplainable joy of finding the root cause of an issue and  the solution thereof…mmm adrenaline rush!

Sometimes i see the comments as plain stereo-type, at times ignorance, at times someone just displaying their own fears,  but at times i wonder…..

Then came an idea, why not speak to real mums, who are in IT ( or any other demanding profession that keeps them away from home at times), who slave away on the computer in the odd hours of the night. Those mums who speak to their children in programming language… (giggle) , Every statement is expressed in formal logic (i hide – my husband calls me sister logic) .

Those mums who travel and have to leave their family behind to eke out a living. I’m curious at this point, those power ladies, who are proving critics wrong that IT is not a reserve for men only, how are they balancing the algorithms? Dont get me wrong, in other parts of the world this might be a silly discussion as the ratio between men and women in the IT may be blurred but lets be real, this issue is real at least to me 🙂

I want the sisters to tell their own stories

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